Be Prepared This Summer!

Summer is the time for a relaxing vacation with family and friends, whether it be at the beach, a new city, or somewhere outdoors. But being away from home means you’re also away from us at Crossroads Dental Arts! While you can’t prevent a dental emergency from happening while you’re away, here are some must-have items to keep on hand when you’re on vacation should a dental emergency arise:

Pain relief: ibuprofen

Motrin, Advil, or generic ibuprofen can be effective for minor oral discomfort.

Lost filling or crown: Dentemp One Step Filling Material

Dentemp One Step Filling Material, which is found at most drugstores, is a good temporary fix for replacing a crown or protecting an area exposed by a lost filling.

Broken denture: The D.O.C. Denture Repair Kit

This kit, also available at most drugstores, works to temporarily repair a cracked denture.

Lost tooth: empty prescription medicine vial and liquid

Place the lost adult tooth (keeping the root intact without cleaning or handling it) in an empty prescription medicine vial with some liquid (preferably milk) and seek dental attention immediately.

Food stuck in teeth: dental floss

Fix this uncomfortable situation with some dental floss (either waxed or unwaxed), which is always a good idea to have on hand anyway!

Cut on gums, lips, or tongue: clean gauze or cloth and peroxide (if available)

Put pressure on the cut with clean gauze or cloth and peroxide. If the bleeding does not stop, seek immediate medical attention.

Minor dental irritations: warm salt water rinse

A warm salt water rinse will provide temporary relief for most oral irritations, and we prefer it to Anbesol Gel, which has many side effects and can harm the mouth tissues with overuse.

Remember that the items listed above are for temporary use. If an emergency arises, see a dentist as soon as possible.

Here at Crossroads Dental Arts, we are always here for you even if you’re away from home. Call or text us at 410-363-2121 if you have any questions about a dental emergency or anything else dental-related. We can’t wait to hear all about your vacation the next time you’re in the office!

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