Excuses, Excuses

We hear it all the time. “I’ve been meaning to schedule my dental appointment, but it keeps slipping my mind.”

We get lots of excuses about not scheduling appointments at the dentist, and here are our thoughts on the most common ones.

Excuse #1: Going to the dentist is expensive.

While quality health care can be pricey, investing in preventive dental procedures (including cleanings, exams, and necessary x-rays) can save thousands of dollars in treatments later. If you put off your dental visit, they will become more extensive and more expensive, but the more often you visit us, the more your piggy bank will thank you.

Excuse #2: Going to the dentist might be uncomfortable.

While we know you’d have more fun going to an afternoon movie, trips to the dentist are more pleasant than ever before thanks to modern dental techniques and technology. We can start your appointment with a warm lemon-scented towel, and if you want to listen to music during your appointment, just tell us know your favorite genre! Let us know if you have any concerns when you come in, and we’ll be sure to make your experience as relaxing as possible.

Excuse #3: If I’m not in pain, why come in?

If you’re experiencing pain, it means you’ve waited too long to schedule your visit! Early gum disease and cavities are usually painless and can only be detected at a dental appointment. Waiting for symptoms to arise can lead to expensive treatments, but we’ve already reviewed how to avoid those (see Excuse #1!).

Excuse #4: I must take care of my children’s teeth first.

By the time your children are grown and out of the house, your oral health could have suffered to the point where conditions become irreversible, resulting in tooth loss. Don’t let that happen! Find the time and money for yourself and your spouse as well as the children in your family.

At Crossroads Dental Arts, we understand the importance of regular dental examinations and cleanings. We want to make your dental experience as cost-efficient, comfortable, and painless as possible. Start with a consultation and just get to know us.

Having run out of excuses, if you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call or text us at 410.363.2121.

Our team is very responsive. If we do not return your email immediately, please know that we may have not received it. For important matters, please call our office. E-mail is never a fully secure form of communication. If you prefer to share protected personal information, you may choose to contact us by phone.

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