What’s your excuse?

Sadly, there are way too many people who do not visit the dentist at all, or not as often as they should. We want to take a look at the most common reasons people put off their dental check-ups and discuss why they may be poor excuses.

The dentist is TOO EXPENSIVE!
Prevention is key to saving money on dental care. We understand high quality care can be costly but if you invest in preventive procedures such as exams, x-rays and cleanings you could save yourself thousands of dollars. Ignoring your mouth allows for disease to progress and worsen. That disease results in the need for more extensive and costly treatment. Procedures such as root canals, crowns, and extractions (to name a few) cost patients the most in the long run. The goal is to prevent the need for them! If you have dental insurance, most plans cover 100% of preventative care. That’s one more BIG reason to call and schedule your appointment today!

NOTHING HURTS, so why go?
Very simply, if you wait until it hurts, you’ve waited too long. Small cavities and early gum disease are painless. That means the only way for you to know if trouble is starting is to have an exam and x-rays. At your visit, we thoroughly examine your entire mouth, checking for any cavities and monitoring the health of your gums, as well as performing an oral cancer screening. This way we can treat disease early…which makes for painless treatment and avoids toothaches. Most importantly, it will help keep your mouth and body healthy!

I’m so SCARED of the dentist!
We understand the dental chair is not everyone’s favorite place to be. Some people have had bad experiences in the past and that keeps them from returning until they have an emergency. The emergency only perpetuates their bad experiences with the dentist!

If you are fearful of the dentist we can help you conquer your anxiety and take steps to make you feel more comfortable. Let us know your concerns and we will discuss ways to put you more at ease. Excellent communication and a gentle touch, only with modern techniques and improved anesthetics can make your dental visit much more comfortable than you could imagine. We are only here to help!

At Crossroads Dental Arts we want to provide you with the highest quality of care in the most CARING and COMFORTABLE manner possible. We value our patients and take pride in treating them like family!

Our team is very responsive. If we do not return your email immediately, please know that we may have not received it. For important matters, please call our office. E-mail is never a fully secure form of communication. If you prefer to share protected personal information, you may choose to contact us by phone.

No Insurance? No Problem!

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