Do It Yourself orthodontics is a growing trend in which dental guidance and/or procedures are solicited from unlicensed companies. When patients choose these options, the end result can lead to countless, irreversible problems, including damage to tooth enamel and gums, tooth sensitivity, and cavities. One of our patients is even facing the possibility of losing several teeth after trusting a company to provide discounted orthodontic services.

The American Dental Association has warned against these practices because of the potential implications. Common attempts to cut corners, and costs, to straighten teeth include:

  • Tying elastic or metal wire around teeth to move them together.
  • Ordering impressions from online vendors: These impressions, performed by the patient, may not be done correctly and can be easily distorted during the shipping process.
  • Getting scanned by local providers: These companies may appear to be legitimate, but operate without the oversight of a licensed professional on premise.

At Crossroads Dental Arts, we have never encountered a successful “Do It Yourself” alignment. Patients who take matters into their own hands are never happy with the results and make excuses as to why it is not working. The fact is: it is not working, because it was not overseen by a trained professional.

When teeth are straightened, a patient’s teeth and gums must be monitored every 6-8 weeks, at a minimum by a licensed professional. Here, we move teeth using a process called Invisalign. Our dentist will place small, button-like attachments to the front of selected teeth. These bonded attachments are specifically designed to move teeth in a certain direction and may be needed to enable more complex movements. Without them, teeth can be moved outside the bone or they may not move at all. Either way, the outcome is a problem.

Also, when aligning teeth, dentists often need to gain space using a process called interproximal reduction. This process implements small, thin sawblades to make room for teeth to move. If a dentist is not treating the patient, this critical step may be missed entirely.

Crossroads Dental Arts offers a complimentary scan demonstrating how we can safely move your teeth, while showing you the before-and-after effect of Invisalign.

Don’t attempt to cut corners with do it yourself orthodontics. You will only ruin your teeth. With Invisalign you can have a beautiful and healthy smile. The scan only takes a few minutes and can be emailed to you to share with family and friends. Call us at 410-363-2121 and schedule your complimentary consult and scan today.