Dental sealants are no longer a treatment intended solely for children.

Many adults, especially those susceptible to tooth decay, benefit enormously from adding them as a preventive treatment.

Deep grooves and fissures in our back teeth make the area difficult to keep clean. These grooves can fill up with plaque and stain and are at risk of decay throughout our lives.

We have seen patients with as many as eight teeth that could have benefitted from dental sealants. In just a short time, six out of those eight teeth needed fillings due to the fact that sugar and bacteria produced acid that became cavities.

Dental sealants protect the deep, dark grooves in the back teeth from decay. The treatment seals off teeth from small food particles and bacteria that could cause cavities. Applying the protective sealant takes only a few minutes per tooth. The teeth to be sealed are etched and coated with a thin layer of sealant material. This material is painted into the grooves and fissures, then hardened with a special curing light.

Dental sealants are safe, cost-effective, and easy to apply. Dental insurance typically covers sealants in children but does not cover sealants for adults.

At Crossroads Dental Arts, we make adult sealants affordable because we want to help our patients remain cavity free.

The protection provided by this treatment option can last for many years with good oral hygiene. While some dentists say sealants can last 20 years, we recommend having teeth resealed every 5 years, as normal wear and tear is common. We can keep an eye on your teeth and the state of your sealant during your routine visits to Crossroads Dental Arts.

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