Below is a sample of our patient testimonials about  Crossroads Dental Arts. We thank our patients who take the time to write to us.

Love My New Veneers!


Dear Dr. Rief, Melissa, Michele and staff,

I wanted to tell you what a pleasant experience it was to have my veneers replaced by Dr. Rief and her professional staff! I first worked with Michele, who explained the financial obligation in easy to understand terms and made me feel comfortable to ask any questions that I had. During the first appointment, which I was dreading, Dr. Rief was so efficient and precise that she had my old veneers off and temporaries in place in record time with no discomfort. Melissa, who has worked with Dr. Rief for many years, was excellent in her assistance and knew exactly what to say when it was needed during the procedure.

Then the exciting day when my new, permanent veneers were put into place. They exceeded my expectations in their appearance, color, size and definition. Dr. Rief’s eye for knowing what would look natural and white, but not too white, was spot on!

Each person in Dr. Rief’s office, from the front desk staff and office manager, to the dental assistants, were professional and friendly and made me feel very special! I look forward to getting the additional work on my bottom teeth completed. Thank you to all!!!

-Lynn T.


Confidence Boosting Cosmetic Dentistry

“I have always struggled with self confidence due to my crooked teeth. I wasn’t comfortable smiling or laughing in front of others and avoided pictures. After working with Dr. Rief and her team with the Invisalign program, I can say all those feelings of self doubt are gone. My teeth are straight and I’m always ready to flash a smile. Invisalign was by far the best money I have ever spent. I want to thank Dr. Rief and her entire team for their excellent customer service and dedication to getting me the smile I deserve.”

-Allison T.


Fantastic Says It All!

“One word describes this fantastic dental practice, EXCELLENT. Dr. Rief, along with her amazing team, has the gift of attending to every detail of each patient. Together they put a plan in action to make my dream of a healthy, beautiful smile come to fruition. As a long standing patient Dr. Rief, I have never been disappointed. They truly have been there for me as professionals that love their work. This team has become a group of friends to me!!!! You will never be disappointed.”

-Bette O.


New smile for the wedding!Testimonials

When I was in 6th grade, I was in a bus accident that caused me to severely chip three of my front teeth. At the time, I had bonding put in to fix the teeth, but pins were used to hold the bonding in. This meant that dark pins showed through my teeth, and because of this, I’d always thought about getting veneers/crowns done. Especially as my fiancé and I got engaged this February, I started to think about what my teeth would look like in the wedding pictures, so I thought this would be a perfect time to get it done. Not only is Dr. Rief a wonderful future mother in law, but she also had done wonderful dental work for me in the past two years, including some general touch ups of my bonding which made significant cosmetic improvement in my teeth. We talked about it and agreed it was the right time to go for it — just in time for the wedding in December!

Overall I had an amazing experience getting this done. Everyone at the office is so helpful and friendly, and Dr. Rief was very efficient with my time — it only took 3 hours total in the office spread over two visits! First she put in my temporary, plastic molds while my permanent molds were sent off to the lab. Many exclaimed that the temporary molds were so good that she should just leave those in! Then she helped work with the company in California who was doing the permanent molds, to ensure they would arrive in time to put them in before my trip to Israel. This would make sure I could fully enjoy the shawarma while visiting on my work trip. The veneers and crown are better than I could have ever imagined, and it feels great not to have the pins showing through my front teeth. Can’t wait to show off my new pearly whites at the wedding!

Jon H.


The results are great!

TestimonialsMy teeth have always been crooked, and I was a little self-conscious about my smile. When I first heard of Invisalign, I assumed I was too old for it. Then one of Dr. Rief’s staff mentioned the crowding of my teeth while I was getting routine care. I agreed to talk with Michele, the office manager, about Invisalign and explore the possibility. The process and the price sounded reasonable, so I went for it. I’m so glad I did! I am happy with my appearance and confident about my smile.

The process went quickly. Dr. Rief and her staff gave clear and thorough instructions and monitored my progress in a series of visits. In a little less than a year, I was finished with the treatment and the results are great! I am more confident about my smile and flossing is easier too. I am thankful for the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Crossroads Dental Arts.

Mary K.

Always Worth the Trip!

TestimonialsDr. Joanne Block Rief has been my dentist for over twenty-five years. When Dr. Rief moved her office from Annapolis to Owings Mills, I made the decision to travel the extra distance rather than find a dentist closer to home, as I was not interested in changing dentists.

TestimonialsTwo years ago, I began using Invisalign to align and straighten my teeth properly, under the care of Dr. Rief. I recently completed the Invisalign treatment and overwhelmed with the change. I have straight teeth for the first time in my life. Thank you, Dr. Rief! You are a great dentist. And thanks Crossroads Dental Arts for continuously great customer service and patient care.

Tom R.

Found the right Invisalign dentist


When I first moved to Maryland, I was looking for a dentist that was knowledgeable, understanding and non-judgmental. I knew I wanted to have Invisalign done and would possibly need veneers for my front teeth due to breaking of enamel over the years. I started my search by looking up elite providers of Invisalign as well as top rated dentists in Maryland. I cross-referenced the list and Dr. Rief was on both lists. I knew I found the right dentist when I called to schedule and actually spoke to her directly. When I came in for my initial consultation, she and her staff were extremely welcoming (loved Melissa) and after we reviewed my treatment plan (dental work, Invisalign, veneers), we discussed payment options and began. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I am so much more confident about my smile and receive so many compliments. Dr. Rief goes above and beyond for her patients and is extremely accessible and talented. I’ve referred several colleagues to her and both have had Invisalign and love it. She is my dentist for life ?

Joy D.

very pleased with the end result!

TestimonialsI am writing to provide feedback about my Invisalign treatment. Dr. Rief and her team were excellent throughout the process. They always found a way to squeeze me in for appointments at times that were convenient. Dr. Rief was detail oriented and answered all of my questions. I am very pleased with the end result!

Laura W.

Can’t Stop Smiling

TestimonialsAnyone who is considering getting veneers before their wedding, it is soooo worth it!!!

I just posted some of my wedding photos for anyone considering this. Dr. Block promised me a beautiful smile for my wedding day, and she came through. ?

I’ve always avoided photos in the past, but I wasn’t able to stop smiling on my wedding day, as I felt so confident and happy on the inside and out! No more hiding my smile. ?

Thank you Dr. Block! And to everyone on your staff… they are absolutely wonderful!


Thank You!


The first thing I need to say is THANK YOU! I first came to Crossroads Dental Arts last fall of 2012. I had recently gone through a major career change and put my health on hold. On my first visit, it was discovered that I needed a lot of dental work done. I was actually very embarrassed. All of the staff worked with me around my crazy work schedule and what my insurance would cover just so I could receive the best care possible. After a couple of months of dental work I had mentioned that I did not like how my front teeth looked due to cement that had remained from braces that were taken off years before, discoloration (from most likely coffee), and older fillings that you could see behind the teeth. I never wanted to smile in pictures or only half smiled just so my teeth would not show. Dr. Rief gave me and went over the information on veneers. The staff was able to show me pictures of what I would look like with the veneers to help me make my decision about getting them which I thought was incredible. So, I decided veneers would be my next dental adventure! Since I did not have any previous knowledge of veneers, the staff and Dr. Rief explained everything that would happen to me at each appointment regarding the veneers. Ever since I have had the veneers my self esteem and confidence have increased dramatically. I look so much better in pictures I can’t believe the difference they have made! It’s incredible and has definitely been worth it! I think I have one of the biggest smiles now out of all my friends! So once again……THANK YOU!!

Laura P.

Worked Around My Schedule

TestimonialsDr. Rief is the best!

Last year I was looking for a new dentist and knew I also wanted Invisalign, so when I saw Dr. Rief listed as a Preferred Provider on the Invisalign website I knew she was the dentist for me. What I didn’t know then was how great she would be guiding me through the whole process. She is efficient, accurate, and really cares about her patients and their happiness. The first week I had my Invisalign, she called me to see how I was doing and it turned out I needed to come back to the office and she was willing to see me on a Sunday! She also sent me a thank you card after my first appointment; it’s the little things that go a long way and she is certainly one of a kind. It’s important to have regular check-ups through the whole process, which could be difficult to fit in with everyday life, but Dr. Rief was great with accommodating my schedule, even meeting me for early morning appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Rief as a primary dentist and also for Invisalign!

Great tip for my fellow “Invisalign-ers”! I found it really helpful to use the Vera Bradley coin purse as my Invisalign kit. Although it was a little snug, I was able to fit my compact travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste, Invisalign case, and some Colgate Wisps (for when I didn’t have access to water to brush my teeth). It was really helpful to have all of my supplies in one place to keep in my purse. Then I had easy access to everything I needed while I was at work, out to dinner, etc.

Jackie M.

I Love My Dentist

TestimonialsGetting proper dental care and having a great smile is not just about aesthetics. It can literally change your life!

Dr. Joanne Block Rief and her team of professionals at Crossroads Dental Arts in Owings Mills, Maryland are AMAZING! Thanks to all of them, I can finally “take a bite out of life”. From the first, friendly phone conversation with Bree to schedule an appointment to the after appointment follow-up phone from Dr. Block Rief, you know that they have a vested interest in your care.

Due to a chronic medical condition, I had lost most of my teeth. I was depressed and frustrated and felt like I had run out of options. However, Dr. Block Rief and her office manager, Michelle took the time to lay out a concise treatment plan to make sure I got the dental care that I needed.

I often tell my family and friends, “I love my dentist.” Dr. Block Rief and her staff always provides quality care my family and myself.

If you are in need of professional and gentle dental care, I highly recommend Dr. Joanne Block Rief and her staff at Crossroads Dental Arts.

Patrice P.

Dr. Rief is amazing.

My experience at Crossroads could not have been any better. I was having major cosmetic work done so I was there about 5 times in a 10 week span.. Both front office and chair-side staff were friendly and professional. Dr. Rief is amazing. She transformed my smile in 5 visits.

Sandra H.


A Perfect Smile Just in Time for My Wedding

TestimonialsThank you so much for making my smile perfect! I am so thrilled with the results and would definitely recommend anyone to your practice for Invisalign services. I always thought that I would have to wear regular metal braces for years in order to straighten out my teeth and fix my cross bite. Being 29 years old, that of course was not something that I really wanted to do. I didn’t realize that I could fix everything in just about a year’s time and no one would have to know that I was wearing braces! I am in a sales position and work very closely with clients all day long and no one, not even my fiance could tell when I was wearing my trays!

I really appreciate the time you took to make sure everything stayed on track and I’m extremely grateful for your flexibility in scheduling appointments. When I had to move back to NJ in the middle of my Invisalign services I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish, but you made it so easy to schedule appointments when I was in the area and went above and beyond to help me stay on track.

Once my Invisalign was finished your recommendation to adjust my upper gum level with a dental laser to make my gums completely even all the way across was just one example of your commitment to me and my case and making sure everything was perfect before I walked out the door. The little amount of gum that was lasered away made all the difference. I always knew there was something not “quite” right with my upper gums, but you were the only dentist that was able to point out what the issue was and have a solution to fix it. Again it was such a small non-invasive procedure that made all the difference!

Not only are your professional skills top notch and your attention to detail wonderful, your office and staff are so comforting and such a joy to see! I certainly didn’t feel like I was walking into a dentist office when I visited your practice.

I can’t wait to show to off my new smile at my upcoming wedding in June! I will definitely make sure to send you pictures! I hope to see you all sometime soon!

Christina S., New Jersey

Best Present Ever

TestimonialsI met Dr. Rief in the 1990s in Annapolis. She and her father, also a dentist, worked on my teeth. I moved out of the Annapolis area, and after trying three other local dentists, tracked Dr. Rief down in her present office. This was not an easy feat, but necessary as the quality of care I received from the other dentists was abominable comparatively.

This past year, 2011, I was unable to schedule an appointment during the day. I was surprised and happy to learn that Dr. Rief was opening her office for “Midnight Madness” during the holidays. This included not only food, drinks, and good cheer, but I was also able to get my teeth cleaned and examined in the evening!

When I arrived for my appointment, Dr. Rief recalled that I had called earlier in the year about a “problem” I was having. My problem was that my two front teeth were chipped badly. I said to her “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Little did I know that after my teeth were cleaned that she was going to tell me “you need a lot of work.” She then reviewed with me how I had tracked her down and came a long way for each of my dental appointments. Her next statement was a total surprise – she offered “in the spirit of the season” to do some pro bono work for me! My response was “really?” I had not been so surprised since when I was a child a relative brought a puppy to my house and I asked “whose is it?” When the relative said “yours” I could hardly believe it!

Dr. Rief told me that she was going to do a bridge for me. She said she would call me when she had the time, and I expected it to be at least a few months before I heard from her. So, I was surprised to hear from her in January. The work was done very efficiently and painlessly. Four teeth were involved and one had to be extracted. The rest were prepared for crowns. The extraction and prep of the other teeth was done swiftly in one appointment and I left the office with a temporary bridge. Prior to this, I had an old cap which kept falling out – in my food, on the floor, in the bed, etc. – so this was also life saving since if had I swallowed the cap, I would possibly have died from anaphylactic shock!

I was scheduled for only two follow up appointments, the last of which was February 14, the day I received my permanent bridge. It was such a relief for me to have this work done and it boosted my confidence. I was out the same day presenting myself to others and leaving my business cards.

Dr. Rief’s entire staff is outstanding. Her assistant for my bridge work was extremely patient, even when I unintentionally bit her finger. The entire staff always greeted me pleasantly and spoke to me as I left. I felt supported. All are commendable.

I am so thankful and am fully enjoying having a bridge!

Mary Ellen, H., Maryland

Total Confidence

TestimonialsI can truly say with first hand knowledge that Dr. Rief and her team are true professionals. I have been to many dental offices, but this is the first time where I felt like more than just a patient. For many years I dreamed of having a perfect smile, but I never thought one day it would become a reality until I was introduced to her dentistry. Before I had my dental procedure done I rarely showed my teeth when I smiled and for good reasons. I was always told that the most memorable feature on a person is their smile.

Dr. Rief offered me a couple of alternatives before we got started and she made me more than comfortable with the process. I had total confidence in her abilities and the recommendations she offered. She and her team made sure I was relaxed during the procedure and completely satisfied with the results. The follow up appointments they provided showed me how much they care for their patients and the pride they place in their work. My porcelain veneers and porcelain bridge look wonderful and the compliments I get are testaments to the great work they do. If anyone asks me about having dental work done I would not hesitate to refer them to Dr. Rief and her team. I will always be appreciative for what they have done for me. Thanks for the new smile.

L.C., Owings Mills, MD

Brighter Smile for a Brighter Life

TestimonialsI have felt my whole life, since my new front teeth came in, that everyone looked at me differently just because I had stained teeth. Some people wouldn’t ask me how I got them. They would just give me a weird look as if something were wrong with me. I never looked at myself much differently. In a way, my confidence had been lowered. Whenever I would need to present a project or become the center of attention, I would shy away from it.

But now that I have gotten my teeth fixed, I feel like I have all the confidence in the world. I’m not afraid to just be myself wherever, whenever. I am so grateful to Dr. Rief for giving me a chance. No one would even examine my teeth because I was too young, but they greeted me with kindness and understanding. The process was quicker than I thought and I didn’t even have to get a shot. Overall I’m very thankful to all the staff at Crossroads Dental Arts for giving me a boost of confidence, allowing me to have a new experience in life.

K.S., Columbia, MD

Great Invisalign Experience and Results

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I could not be happier with my invisalign experience or results. You and your amazing staff made every step of the process a breeze and the results are better than I ever imagined.

Each time I walked into your beautiful state of the art office I was greeted with a welcoming smile and friendly face. Every employee exudes confidence in their field and it was evident early on in the process that I was surrounded by a team of experts.

My treatment was for 9 1/5 fast months! Everyone was very supportive every step of the way. The entire staff genuinely cared about my success. I will truly miss seeing them all every 6 weeks!

Thanks for helping me get my smile back!

Marcy T.


Excellent Dental Care


As a recent patient of Dr. Block Rief, I have experienced professional and excellent dental care during each visit to the office. The staff was always kind and supportive in assisting Dr. Rief. Before I began my dental work, I would only smile with my lips closed together. Now that I have a beautiful full smile with my veneers! Many thanks to Dr. Rief.

Eleanor G.

Finally Smiling Again

It is hard for someone else to really understand how your smile or lack of a smile makes you feel. When your teeth are not looking good you don’t feel good. Well, look at me now, a smile is worth a thousand words.


Thank you, Dr. Joanne Rief for my new veneers.
Clarence, D., Baltimore, MD

Laser Gum Therapy

TestimonialsI came to Dr. Rief as a junior high school student with yellow crooked teeth and impacted canines. Dr. Rief used her expertise and told me I needed braces. Two years later I got my braces off and returned to her for cosmetic concerns. Instead of getting expensive veneers, Dr. Rief whitened my teeth and used her laser to reshape the gums. In a matter of a couple weeks, for a very inexpensive fee, she helped beautify my smile. I now have the nicest smile of all my friends. What used to be my Achilles heel is now one of my best assets.

Adam T., Owings Mills, MD

Straight Teeth and a Gorgeous Smile

TestimonialsI recently underwent what is known as a full mouth reconstruction at the capable hands of Dr. Joanne Rief of Crossroads Dental Arts in Owings Mills, Maryland. Advanced periodontal disease and a significant overbite had loosened my teeth over the years. Even periodontal surgery a few years back to strengthen my gums could not counteract the damage done by such tremendous pressure being exerted on my gums from an incorrect bite. Because orthodontics were not an option for me, Dr. Rief suggested that I consider getting a full set of veneers which would not only correct my bite but would also give me perfectly straight teeth and a gorgeous smile, something I had never had in my 54 years of life.

I considered her suggestion thoughtfully and got two “second opinions”, one from my periodontist and another from an orthodontist in Riesterstown. Both told me that, for me, Dr. Rief’s recommendation was a good solution.

I wore a removable orthotic for over a year to prepare my jaw for its new position. I underwent the complex reconstruction procedure in August and September of 2010. I am very happy with the results. My smile is beautiful and my teeth are now flawless. My overbite is a thing of the past and the advance of my gum disease has been significantly reduced. Throughout the entire procedure, Dr. Rief and her staff have been meticulous in their care and empathy. I would highly recommend Dr. Rief to anyone.

Lynell T., Owings Mills, MD

Dr. Rief Helped My Personality Shine Through

It is with the deepest gratitude that I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful results achieved with my new veneers and a smile that I can share with the world. For the first time in my life, I feel like my outsides match what I am feeling inside.


Having worked in the public eye all my life, I have occasionally been greeted by new acquaintances who say “Smile, life can’t be all that bad!” It was a constant reminder that the interpretation of my expression was one of sadness, when in fact, my inner smile was one they could never see. The confidence and freedom that a new smile brings not only changes my outlook on life but, also how the rest of the world looks at me! I would recommend your services and that of your professional staff to anyone who may wonder if they too can enjoy the freedom that a new confident smile can bring.
Thank you for your attention to detail and for caring that the results achieved are nothing less than the perfection for which you strive. In the field of cosmetic dentistry, you are truly an artist.

From the warm greeting when I first arrived in the final cleaning and every appointment in between, I know that “gentle dentistry” really does exist and I appreciate the enthusiasm shared by everyone in your office toward my personal dental goal… A bright new smile! Love you all.

Becky G., Lutherville, MD

With Tremendous Gratitude


Dr. Rief is a top-notch, very skilled dentist.

I was very impressed with Dr. Rief’s professionalism, attention to detail, and creativity. She did a fantastic job of giving me the smile that I have always wanted including porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers; it’s really boosted my confidence.

Dr. Rief has a passion for what she does and it shows in the quality of her work. She has the ability to really understand what the patient wants and recommends the best course of action to meet the patient’s needs and her diagnosis. She strives for perfection and makes sure that the patient is totally satisfied with the result.

The experience of the staff and the talent of Dr. Rief make a very powerful combination.

A.S. Pikesville, MD

Quick and Painless

I was in the office today to get the white spots out of my front two teeth which seem like they have been there forever. I was very nervous as I did not know what to expect. I was in and out in under half an hour and there were no needles.


I am very thankful to Dr. Rief and excited to show off my new teeth.

S.H., Owings Mills, MD

Thank you, Crossroads Dental Arts!


Looking at my smile now, I can’t believe I was originally skeptical about how bonding would make such a dramatic difference in my appearance. Doctor Rief and her assistant made the office experience pleasant, comfortable, and pain free. I am amazed by the color match and tooth shape she was able to achieve. Thank you, Crossroads Dental Arts, for giving me even more reason to smile!

Michelle L.

Thanks, Dr. Rief!

TestimonialsOh gosh, where do I begin about my visit to Crossroads Dental Arts with Dr. Rief? I want to say that entering the office was a welcome of warmth from her staff. I felt that this is the place for me.

Moreover, my second visit was on my 40th birthday where Dr. Rief came to the office on a Saturday to give me the best dental care ever! I was shocked that a dentist came in on her day off to service a patient in need. I felt like a kid in a candy store, so happy.

She not only came into her practice to service me but dedicated half her Saturday to fix my smile. Dr. Rief helped put me back on the path of self-confidence.

Thanks, Dr. Rief. You are the best of the best!
S. Ward

Fantastic New Smile

I feel great that I took the steps to get Mac-Veneers. I am absolutely positively thrilled with the results. I find myself wanting to smile all the time.
My significant other is constantly telling me how great my teeth look. I am definitely smiling a lot more.
I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my teeth and this was by far the best investment I have ever made.

Terry A. W.

I Smile All the Time Now!

TestimonialsAnother week of whitening on my front teeth and I’m even more thrilled with my new smile. The shades have all evened out and I just can’t tell you what a huge change this is for me. I hid my smile for 20 years, and now I’m probably smiling too much to make up for it.

I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the caring, attentive, and nonjudgmental treatment I’ve received. And coming from a true dental-phobe who avoided dentists for over a decade — that’s really saying something.

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!

Kathleen H., Parkville, MD

All the Right Decisions

TestimonialsDr. Rief and her staff are true professionals. When I came to her I needed a lot of dental work. I was treated not just as a patient, but as one of the family. We came up with a plan to treat my needs including crowns, bridges and veneers. We worked the plan and the end result was well worth it.

I know that she has my best interests at heart and I totally trust her opinion. My oral health has improved and I can laugh and smile without trying to hide my smile. Thanks to Dr. Rief, I can smile again.

Thanks, Doc!

James F., Hampstead, MD

Quality Work

TestimonialsLove it, love it, love it!! That’s how I feel every time I look in the mirror and see my new smile. I smile more now and my smiles are bigger. Dr. Rief matched the color of the veneers to my other teeth perfectly and they look so natural people know there is something changed for the better, but they can’t figure out just what it is. Dr. Rief kept telling me how great they would look and how much easier it would be to floss. I admit I was a skeptic, but I am so glad now. I wish I had done it sooner. Dr. Rief explained everything so I knew what to expect and when. The entire staff was wonderful and caring. You can tell they are proud of the quality of work they perform.

Robin C., Sykesville, MD

One of the Best Experiences

Crossroads Dental is one of the best experiences at the dentist. I have never had my teeth cleaned before.


They took care of my teeth and gums without surgery and very little discomfort. The staff knows what they are doing and are very professional at their job.

Nourou D.

A Very Satisfied Patient

TestimonialsYour thank you gift for me was over the top! The basket was beautiful, and the goodies inside were wonderful. I’m so grateful for all your help and support through my most recent dental disaster! I consider myself very lucky to have found such a kind and knowledgeable dentist. I will continue to refer my friends and family to your office, and I look forward to my next appointment! Thanks again for the gorgeous gift basket and for saving my teeth!


I found the best!

I moved to Maryland in 2001 and had started my search for a new dentist. I had high expectations as my prior dentist had all the latest technology. I had visited several practices (2x a year) and by 2004 I found the best! Joanne Block Rief, DDS.

When you enter their facility, the waiting area, offices, and patient rooms are clean, bright, and comfortable. Her staff is very friendly and personal, both the clerical and technical employees. They greet me by name, and always take me in quickly.

I prefer to put my welfare in the hands of a dentist (or doctor) who strives to maintain the latest advances in technology, and training. To me, it shows pride, excellence, drive, character, and a desire to continue to grow with their field. Joanne demonstrates this with her practice. She can show a video illustrating any procedure, while you are sitting in the examining chair. She can also show you photos, in color, live, from your mouth on the computer screen, which is placed high so it is easy to view from where you are sitting.

She and her staff are concerned with your welfare, comfort, and care. I am thankful and appreciate Joanne and her whole team. They make a visit to the dentist a more enjoyable experience.

I would highly recommend her services to anybody I know.

Jodi D.

Feels Like Home

Dr. Rief and the office staff are wonderful. I have had a lot of dental work from other dentists and now Dr. Rief. The staff is always friendly and I am often amazed that they not only remember my name but other small details that were discussed during past visits. Everyone at the office has a real knack for making me feel at home. This is greatly appreciated and sets me at ease for my procedures.

My teeth look better then ever. I feel confident and love the way my implant, crown and inlay look. Many thanks to everyone at Dr. Rief’s.

Kenneth E., McSherrytown, PA

If you want a perfect smile, look no further!

TestimonialsDr. Rief and her staff were very welcoming and polite. They worked with me every step of the way when I had bonded veneers performed at her office. They made sure I got the results I desired. The finished product was nothing less than flawless and natural-looking.

If you want a perfect smile, look no further! Crossroads Dental Arts was the best dental experience I have ever had, and I will be sure to return to them if I ever need any cosmetic dental work done in the future.













R. Clark

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